App Exchange Rate & Balances

*Current PSF Token Price:

$0 USD per Token

NaN BCH per token

NaN tokens per BCH

*Based on 1 BCH. Non-linear price slippage will result in slightly different exchange rate.

Warning: The PSF token should not be considered an investment. It's an experimental business model for tracking and rewarding effort in open source projects. It's value is intended to be transactional in nature, and any long-term value is highly speculative.




The mission of the Permissionless Software Foundation is to foster the growth of open source software and the adoption of Bitcoin Cash across the globe. The Foundation will focus on the development and promotion of software that makes it easy for individuals to protect their privacy, circumvent censorship, and engage in Agorism.

The business plan for the Permissionless Software Foundation and PSF token is still being drafted. You can read the current draft by clicking on the button below. It discusses the unique token economics and mathematics used to create a psudo-stable utility token, allowing open source software communities to self-fund without the need for venture capital, corporate sponshorship, or other fiduciary responsibility.

Read the Business Plan




Buy or Sell PSF Tokens

You can buy or sell tokens by sending BCH or tokens to the liquidity app. Scan the QR code with a SLP token-aware BCH wallet, like Badger Mobile or the Wallet , or click the Buy or Sell buttons to trade $1 USD worth of tokens if you have the Badger Wallet browser extension installed.

The liquidity app will send tokens if it recieves BCH. It will send BCH if it recieves tokens. It will take two (2) block confirmations before tokens will appear in your wallet. Refresh the window to get the most up-to-date exchange rate.

Warning: Do not send BCH to the app address unless you are using a SLP token-aware wallet. Non-aware wallets can destroy the tokens.

Buy $0.10 of PSF Tokens

Sell $0.10 of PSF Tokens

Software Projects

The PSF token will be used to fund the following open source projects, with more on the way. is a suite of software that allows modern webpages and phone apps to interact with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It's a subscription-based cloud service, and it unlocks the next generation of blockchain-based applications. Fees paid for the service burn PSF tokens.

Uncensorable Publishing

Publish web sites and web apps that are impossible for any government to censor or stop. Simultaniously broadcast your website using a conventional domain (clear web), Tor (dark net), and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) network. Every website published will send a tiny amount of BCH to burn PSF tokens.

Anonymous Bitcoin: Consolidating CoinJoin

Consolidating CoinJoin is a peer-to-peer mixing service that brings privacy and fungability to the Bitcoin Cash network. Users will use the PSF token to pay for the mixing service. Servers will use the PSF token to pay Mirrors to advertise their tor .onion address on the IPFS peer-to-peer network, and also to transfer data between the clearnet and the darkweb.

P2P VPS: Peer-to-Peer Cloud Infrastructure

P2P VPS allows people to rent out unused computing power for hosting common internet services like blogs, email, VPN, and other cloud services. Any device capable of running Docker can be rented on the network, in exchange for the PSF token.



Burn Tokens

Sending any money to this Bitcoin Cash address will cause the tokens to be 'burned' and removed from circulation. This address will be used by the applications above. For example, when somone pays their subscription fee at, the BCH is used to burn tokens. This causes the price of all other tokens to increase.

This burning function is faciliated by a second app, similar to the token liquidity app. It forwards any BCH recieved to the token liquidity app, and it appends a special OP_RETURN code instructing the tokens to be burned instead of exchanged. The burn is transparent, public, and verifiable on the blockchain.