The Permissionless Software Foundation is more of a loose network of libertarian cypherpunks who love to discuss technology, as opposed to a conventional organization. Most of the action happens in our chat rooms. Jump in and join the conversation!

  • PSF Chat Server - The majority of communication takes place on our unencrypted chat server. This is a tor-friendly chat server that is hosted and controlled by the Foundation. This is the place to ask questions and get to know the community.
  • Mailing List - Email is still one of the best ways for organizations to communicate over the internet. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the latest news. If Google's sign-up security is frustrating you, submit your email address on chat room above and we'll add you to the mailing list manually.
  • PSF Loomio Group - Non-technical, governance discussion and decision making takes place on Loomio, a platform for democratic governance.
  • Encrypted Chat - Members of the Foundation uses Pidgin instant messanger along with the OTR plugin for end-to-end encryption. This software is automatically installed inTails OS. Here is a video explaining the software. You can chat with members of the foundation by asking them for their XMPP account name.
  • Work Logs - The PS Foundation is an Open Value Network (OVN). All work authorized by the foundation is documented in our OVN software platform, a transparent accounting system. Completed work will be compensated in PSF tokens.