The price of the PSF token is directly tied to usage. Developers contributing to the road map below will be compensated in the PSF token, and the the token will be used to pay for the services below.

  • Email - Email is the most fundamental piece of identity on the internet. And yet, privacy-respecting email providers are rare to non-existent because of abuse by spammers. Cryptocurrency provides the answer to that problem. Studies have shown the a cost of $0.01 to $0.05 per email is prohibitive to spammers.

    An easy-to-setup, open-source email server like iRedMail can be combined with a light-weight koa web server for account management and the SLP JavaScript SDK to allow payment in PSF tokens.

    For example, a new account could be funded with $3 USD worth of PSF tokens, allowing up to 300 emails to be sent or received. Once depleted of funds, more tokens can be sent to increase the quota.

  • Tor Server Tools - Tor, the onion router protocol, is the exit for citizens who want to escape the increasingly surveilled clearnet web. It breaks the informational link between servers and clients, allowing both to remain anonymous and difficult to trace. Anonymous servers provide a .onion domain name, allowing a tor-enabled web browser to interact with them the same way it’s done in the clearnet. These websites are often referred to as the darkweb.

    As countries around the world continue to degrade into a dystopian surveillance state, the darkweb is expected to grow.

    The Foundation already offers a Gatsby front end and tor-ready REST API back end boilerplates (project templates) to make it easy for developers to deliver web apps over the tor network. But tor has no reliable search engine, and no way to easily syndicate information on new services.

    The Foundation is activly developing syndication servers (Mirrors) which currate and syndicate a list of web services and sites available over tor. Web admins will be able to profit from helping users find new and useful services on the tor network. The PSF token will be used to align incentives and prevent spam.

  • Consolidating Coinjoin - a peer-to-peer mixing service that brings privacy and fungibility to the Bitcoin Cash network. Users will use the PSF token to pay for the mixing service. Servers will use the PSF token to pay Mirrors to advertise their tor .onion address.

  • P2P VPS - allows people to rent out unused computing power for hosting common internet services like blogs, email, VPN, and other cloud services. Any device capable of running Docker can be rented on the network, in exchange for the PSF token.