App Exchange Rate & Balances

*Current PSF Token Price:

$0 USD per Token

NaN BCH per token

NaN tokens per BCH

*Based on 1 BCH. Non-linear price slippage will result in slightly different exchange rate.

Warning: The PSF token should not be considered an investment. It's an experimental business model for tracking and rewarding effort in open source projects. It's value is intended to be transactional in nature, and any long-term value is highly speculative.

What is the Permissionless Software Foundation?

The mission of the Permissionless Software Foundation is to develop, promote, and maintain software that makes it easy for individuals to protect their privacy, circumvent censorship, and engage in economic activity. The Foundation will focus on the growth of open source software and the adoption of cryptocurrency across the globe, as the primary means of achieving its goals. is our documentation site that discusses the token economics and mathematics used to create a psudo-stable utility token, allowing open source software communities to self-fund without the need for venture capital, corporate sponshorship, or other fiduciary responsibility.

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animaed gear

Three Major Facets

There are three major facets to the Permissionless Software Foundation (PSF): Vending Machines, Consulting, and Community. They are symbolized in the animated graphic.

Code drives everything. That is symbolized by the large gear driving the three smaller gears. The three smaller gears represent the three major facets.


The Vending Machine represents SaaS applications. For example, the subscription service of, or other Cash Stack services. These are 'coin operated'. A user pays BCH and immediately gets something of value for it. Each payment burns PSF tokens. This is the raw fuel that drives the peg between PSF tokens and BCH.


The PSF is also a collection of freelancers, looking to do consulting. We match talented developers with entrepreurs looking to fund development of their business ideas. Freelancers are available to customize PSF code for your business, starting at $100 USD per hour. Find out more.


The PSF is governed by a community of token holders. Patrons can invest in cryptocurrency infrastructure by buying and holding PSF tokens. They can then influence governance decisions, to direct how future cash flows are used by the PSF.





Buy or Sell PSF Tokens

You can buy or sell tokens PSF tokens by sending BCH or tokens to the liquidity app. Scan the QR code with a Bitcoin Cash wallet that is SLP-token-aware, like or or Electron Cash SLP.

The liquidity app will send PSF tokens if it recieves BCH. It will send BCH if it recieves PSF tokens. It will take up to 30 minutes before tokens will appear in your wallet. Refresh the window to get the most up-to-date exchange rate.

Warning: Do not send BCH to the app address unless you are using a SLP token-aware wallet. Non-aware wallets can destroy the tokens.

PSF SLP Token ID: 38e97c5d7d3585a2cbf3f9580c82ca33985f9cb0845d4dcce220cb709f9538b0

Software Projects

The PSF token is used to fund the following open source projects: is a suite of software that allows modern webpages and phone apps to interact with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It's a cloud-based service for scaling crypto apps, and it unlocks the next generation of blockchain-based applications. Fees paid for the service burn PSF tokens.

Pay-to-Write Database (P2WDB)

The Pay-to-Write Database (P2WDB) is an censorship-resistant database. It's similar to a blockchain, but better optimized for data. The database has many redundant copies spread across the globe. They sync with one another using consensus rules. Burning PSF tokens is required to write to the database.

White Label Wallet

The wallet app at is built using modular architecture and 100% MIT licensed open source software. It's intended purpose is to be easy to customize, in order to solve the widest possible range of business problems. It leverages the infrastructure provided by both and Uncensorable Publishing. Every transaction sent with the wallet burns 2,000 sats worth of PSF tokens.


The PSF has built decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on the BCH, XEC, and AVAX blockchains. These exchanges are peer-to-peer, trustless, and atomic, leveraging inherent features of the Bitcoin protocol. Trade data is stored on the P2WDB, which means each interaction burns PSF tokens.






Burn Tokens

Sending any BCH to this Bitcoin Cash address will cause tokens to be 'burned' and removed from circulation. The exchange happens just as it does above, but instead of sending the exchanged tokens to the originating address, those tokens are burned.

This address will be used by the applications above. For example, when somone pays their subscription fee at, the BCH is used to burn tokens. This causes the price of the tokens to increase, because the BCH balance of the token-liquidity app goes up and it's token balance goes down.

This burning function is faciliated by a second app, similar to the token liquidity app. It forwards any BCH recieved to the token liquidity app, and it appends a special OP_RETURN code instructing the tokens to be burned instead of exchanged. The burn is transparent, public, and verifiable on the blockchain.