wallet.fullstack.cash supports ABC and BCHN, is available over Tor

wallet.fullstack.cash is the white-label-ready Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and SLP token web-wallet. It showcases a 100% open source, MIT-licensed, turn-key, non-custodial wallet app that runs on top of FullStack.cash infrastructure. Any device that can access a web page, can act as a Bitcoin Cash and SLP token wallet.

It's still in early 'Alpha' release, but we've recently released several new features that you should know about.

Paper Wallet Sweeping for SLP Tokens

wallet.fullstack.cash is the first web wallet capable of storing and retrieving SLP tokens from a paper wallet. This is an easy, inexpensive way to store SLP tokens or to give them away to others. The first step is generating a paper wallet:

We've also published a video introducing paper wallets and the different apps available for working with them:

Tor Support

The PSF community of developers is proud to announce that wallet.fullstack.cash is available over Tor (the onion router). Using Tor Browser or Brave Browser's Private Window with Tor, you can privately access the wallet at the following URL:

Wallet support for both ABC and BCHN Chains

November 15th is shaping up to be a fairly amicable chain split into two new blockchains. As we announced, the Permissionless Software Foundation will support both chains and welcomes the opportunity to serve two markets.

The Gatsby Theme that powers both wallets, gatsby-ipfs-web-wallet, is easily configurable for either chain. Users can choose a chain prior to creating a new wallet, using a drop-down selector in the Configuration View. Once the wallet is created, the server and blockchain will be saved with the wallet data.

Configure back end servers and block chains
Configure back end servers and block chains

  • api.fullstack.cash - is the default server for wallet.fullstack.cash. This is the premium blockchain service following the ABC chain.
  • free-main.fullstack.cash is the free blockchain service following the ABC chain.
  • bchn-free-main.fullstack.cash is the default server for bchn-wallet.fullstack.cash. This is a free blockchain service following the BCHN chain.

The free servers provide rate-limited access to blockchain services. The rate limits are adaquate for most web wallet users, though throttling may occur for wallets with a large number of SLP tokens. The premium blockchain service is available for $30 per month through FullStack.cash for businesses that want to customize the web wallet for their own use, or build other Bitcoin Cash based web apps. Custom infrastructure following either the ABC or BCHN chain is also available.

Coin Splitting is Coming

Now that infrastructure is in place to support both chains, PSF developers are working hard on creating a coin-splitting tool. This web app will allow users to easily split their BCH and SLP tokens between chains, after the chain split on November 15th.

The coin-splitting tool will make use of the new paper wallet sweeping feature in wallet.fullstack.cash. Any coins and tokens saved to a paper wallet before the chain split, will be able to be scanned by this tool after the chain split. The BCH will safely be split and deposited into addresses on each chain. The addresses will be specified by the user prior to scanning the QR code.

The web wallets on each chain will provide an easy way for users to create wallets on each chain. After splitting, coins and tokens can be deposited back into cold storage via a paper wallet or other method.