Post Fork Infrastructure

This post provides updated information that replaces previous information described in our early plans for the November 15th hard fork.

Given the recent announcements by Bitcoin ABC and announcements from the large exchanges, the Permissionless Software Foundation is adapting their plans in order to cater to the wider market, while allowing developers to easily build on both chains.


The bch-js JavaScript library, which is the gateway to all infrastructure, has been adapted to make it as easy as possible to build on both chains. When instantiating the library, it can be pointed at any of the networks below, by changing the restURL configuration property:

bch-js will default to the BCHN chain, but it can be easily switched to the ABC or testnet chains.

The above servers are replacing the old server names. They function for both free and paid tiers. Those two tiers will no longer be segregated. Free access rate limits have also been increased to 20 requests per minute! Isolated infrastructure is also available on both chains too! Businesses can build on one or both chains as they choose.

Web Wallets

The PSF has developed several web wallet apps over the last quarter, including,, and When new wallets are created with these apps, they will default to the BCHN chain. However, these wallets can be switched between chains in the Configuration view of the wallet.

To improve clarity, will redirect to This will make it clear to the user that they are using a wallet on the BCHN chain.

For users who want to create a wallet on the ABC chain, they should visit

Coin Splitting

For developers and advanced users, the site is a tool for splitting coins between chains. It is not free, and you can lose your money if you use it incorrectly. But it is a tool for developers who are comfortable with using it.

We strongly recommend having small amount of BCH and SLP tokens on paper wallets, to use for testing, before putting any large amounts of cryptocurrency at risk.