2021 Q1 Staff Funding: Daniel Gonzolez


Note: The tokens for this proposal have been air-droped and the voting will be tallied at 8PM UTC on 3/9/2021.

This is a proposal to fund the development work of Daniel Gonzolez. Daniel is a long-standing member of the PSF and is responsible for much of the progress over the last two years of the organizations life. This proposal would fund the next three months of his work, which focuses on wallet.fullstack.cash, message.fullstack.cash, and TorList.cash.


The funds from this budget will pay a monthly salary of PSF tokens, to reward Daniel for the work he does for the organization. This salary is split into two parts:

  • $100 USD of tokens per week will be dispsered to him each Friday.
  • 300 tokens per week will be vested for one year.

The intent is to allow him to meet his immediate financial needs, but to also incentivize him for sustained work over time. Vested funds will be held in a multisignature wallet and will be dispersed to him after one year, at the rate of 300 tokens per week.


The table below summarizes a monthly forecast of costs for the next quarter. A token price of $0.30 is used, even though the current price of the PSF token is around $0.40. This helps ensure that this propsoal will not be under-budgeted. Any PSF tokens left over at the end of the quarter (over-budgeted) will be burned and taken out of circulation.

Month PSF Tokens
March 2021 2,533
April 2021 3,166
May 2021 2,533


The primary deliverables for this budget will be continued improvements to the following PSF websites:

As these sites continue to improve in functionality, they will attract additional users, and additional users will burn PSF tokens through their interaction with these apps. Apps like these are critical for the long-term funding of the PSF.

Daniel will take direction from the Head Janitor (currently Chris Troutner). He is expected to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week towards work for the PSF.


Voting for this proposal will be covered by same vote under the proposal for Chris Troutner.