2021 Q1 Staff Funding: David Allen


Note: The tokens for this proposal have been air-droped and the voting will be tallied at 8PM UTC on 3/9/2021.

This is a proposal to fund the development work of David Allen. David has been a supporter of the PSF for over a year, and has helped directly with community organization and buisiness development for the last six months.

This proposal would fund the next three months of his work, which focuses on business development and community management.


The funds from this budget will be vested for a year, to recognize David's work for community management and business development.

  • 100 PSF tokens per week will be vested for one year.

The 100 PSF tokens per month is a reward for work he does for the PSF community that is not directly tied to sales.


The table below summarizes a monthly forecast of costs for the next quarter. Other than the vested tokens, there is no direct cost to the PSF for David's work.

Month PSF Tokens
March 2021 400
April 2021 500
May 2021 400


The primary deliverables for this budget will be:

  • Continued participation and management of the PSF community.
  • Ongoing sales effort to increase the paying user base of FullStack.cash


Voting for this proposal will be covered by same vote under the proposal for Chris Troutner.