Q1 Infrastructure


Note: This vote concluded on 8PM UTC on 2/25/2021. It passed with 2,230 YES votes, 188 NO votes, and 1 Abstain vote.

The PSF is the umbrella organization that maintains and operates FullStack.cash, which provides free and paid infrastructure access to the Bitcoin Cash and eCash (BCHA) blockchains. This document is a budget proposal for Q1 of 2021, to pay for the ongoing costs of operating this infrastructure.


The funds from this budget will pay for the infrastructure costs to maintain FullStack.cash infrastructure and services. The numbers for this budget come from expenses tracked in Q4 of 2020.


The table below summarizes a monthly forecast of costs for the next quarter, based on expenses from the last quarter. Here is a brief explanation of each column:

  • BCH is the cost of running BCH infrastructure. This is based on the Cash Stack with the BCHN full node at the bottom layer.
  • BCHA is the cost of running BCHA infrastructure based on the Bitcoin ABC full node.
  • Auxillary is the cost of sites like wallet.fullstack.cash, message.fullstack.cash, and other web apps.
  • Clients is infrastructure cost directly associated with servicing FullStack.cash clients.
  • Admin is administrative infrastructure used internally by the PSF.
BCH BCHA Auxiliary Clients Admin
Nov 2020 $48.04 $152.14 $1.99
Dec 2020 $82.92 $156.39 $62.77 $1.99
Jan 2021 $108.35 $182.71 $7.68 $116.00 $1.99
Feb 2021 (forecasted) $150.00 $200.00 $50.00 $150.00 $1.99

Over the next quarter, the costs of BCH and BCHA infrastructure is expected to decrease as we continue to streamline our infrastructure after the November 2020 hard fork. The cost of Auxillary infrastructure is expected to increase slightly as token-burning apps like wallet.fullstack.cash, message.fullstack.cash, and torlist.cash mature and increase in usage. Client infrastructure is also expected to increase as the number of users of FullStack.cash services increases.

It's difficult to forecast expenses in tokens, since they are only indirectly pegged to fiat, and the peg is highly volatile. A value of $0.25 per PSF is assumed, and 20% error margin added. Funds will be tracked by the Business Administrator, and all unused tokens at the end of the quarter will be burned.

Month PSF Token Budget
February 2649.6
March 2649.6
April 2649.6

This budget also includes 2 hours of administrative work per week, paid in tokens, at a rate of $25 per hour.


The deliverables for this budget is to simply keep the infrastructure up and running. This includes:

  • 20 RPM free tier access to FullStack.cash
  • 100 RPM paid tier acess to FullStack.cash
  • Custom infrastructure for paying FullStack.cash clients
  • As-needed infrastructure for PSF initiatives

Subscriptions from FullStack.cash will continue to go to burn PSF tokens as they have for the last two quarters. This infrastructure supports existing clients, which is estimated to burn $800 per month in PSF tokens.


  • A YES vote for this proposal will allow funding for infrastructure that supports ongoing operations.
  • A NO vote would not fund this proposal. A new proposal would have to be submitted to fund the required infrastructure.

If members do not cast their voting tokens, they are effectively choosing to 'abstain' and not participate in voting yes or no. But we've provided an abstain address where you can send your voting tokens, to get rid of them.


Please join our VIP Telegram channel to discuss this and future proposals. If you need help, type the /help command in that channel.

A Yes Vote

Casting a 'Yes' means this proposal will be funded for the budget amount listed in the Budget section.

To cast a 'Yes' vote, send your voting tokens to this SLP address:


A No Vote

Casting a 'No' vote means that you would prefer not to see your token value diluted by funding this proposal.

To cast a 'No' vote, send your voting tokens to this SLP address:



If you would like to abstain from voting, you can send your tokens to this address, or you can simply refrain from sending your tokens anywhere. Either way, the tokens will not be considered in the 'Yes' or 'No' tally.

To abstain from voting, send your voting token to this SLP address:


Token Information

10,000 voting tokens will be air-dropped to 50 addresses holding PSF tokens. The quantity of tokens received by each address will be proportional to the merit of that address. Merit is calculated as follows:

  • merit = token quantity x token age (in days)

The token for this proposal will have the following ID:

The token for this proposal will have the following name and ticker:

  • Name: PSF VOTE #0001
  • Ticker: PSFVOTE0001

The following dates and times should be noted:

  • 10,000 voting tokens will be air dropped at 8PM UTC on 2/11/2021.
  • The token balances for the voting addresses above will tallied at 8PM UTC on 2/25/2021.


The table below shows data on the top 50 addresses that hold the most PSF merit, and the expected distribution of voting tokens. This information will be added to each proposal so that the community can watch how these distributions change over time.

Merit PSF Tokens Voting Tokens SLP Address
13571026 48442 3447 simpleledger:qprmqyzeez234fqfleeaafz27tntgn426gl5th2ya5
4948886 15000 1257 simpleledger:qzuf8nvt6nh7shu0x3cup4eshkg5gw5t3s2glkmauh
4051895 20000 1029 simpleledger:qr8fdr5kxzh2nv7c5z7zteqmw5xvnavm4ymq02ytts
3747485 42455 952 simpleledger:qp605m4pqcet32uyhegxg5q08y3laykz6umueswtcc
1826836 10202 464 simpleledger:qz3ae58u5mh7zrep0df79x3gkf34r8fldsgxtayaka
1426632 6601 362 simpleledger:qrfavg0y0kz9sjdt4tj4ldwktqw823k4lcx8z2gkm6
1248274 5123 317 simpleledger:qqj8kg0lg0q04e0pspmw6n0necrexl2z6cv538q0zz
874758 16051 222 simpleledger:qp3hvpsgewnnfhaw3879cm785elmgfmemqfmz2vyr0
807279 5556 205 simpleledger:qqmk69gpcygqlnyx0aj4va675p303gdwggdv62hap4
697515 20312 177 simpleledger:qqf4yw03fevffd0yzhp2c88n06yzadhp4ywk5c50nu
488778 4033 124 simpleledger:qzvy94m7j420mjddad4upq2nlfctuvdw4yf29vk3hq
466081 1549 118 simpleledger:qrrkefuplrnckj27r4ve49g75l0mntllqcmmk0l00g
450914 6606 115 simpleledger:qzjgc7cz99hyh98yp4y6z5j40uwnd78fw5napqqkm4
447068 2539 114 simpleledger:qrh8gere7c2txc3kgm0avkghlzmtg9393s7dpr0upj
384690 896 98 simpleledger:qzacxyz77an7mc4ws2427kndehakmmhuryzgqy4plz
301112 1560 76 simpleledger:qrqjl9zgj9ha7s8u5s6cak4vujgc28mluqst4439s7
273232 2782 69 simpleledger:qz8j7z82sp2jh6cr7qzm5qjgl4t8t0lm2uz7gpgtnu
272767 1515 69 simpleledger:qqrdrwhpajm2mgrfztkn0kzhgnwhf3c3xcg2gy6ny5
265696 4777 67 simpleledger:qq8mslegj7hgt0sgcqwhkff0y0vn43985caf83qqgr
258790 1000 66 simpleledger:qr7599ydhv0emdjnts2hgad7qtwgyeptgy3zn3wjky
250124 1381 64 simpleledger:qrrs687a74alrpz9efwyw0tps73th8rtn5kr2p940z
227797 1080 58 simpleledger:qrq9y9wxp8v73ncx3kpq2jj5vlckpmc4f56znv6s9c
209204 1851 53 simpleledger:qp36pw7y7fnnzqx7vuynch9rsjsymg06w50mw56qxz
202977 4257 52 simpleledger:qr8rjhlj803gwlw6lls36fmfvvt3vu82fg7uew75vy
175034 966 44 simpleledger:qpteu0cmqtgrz7sfpdyhtr08s88jma0r8cj0jgza2z
174727 1838 44 simpleledger:qqufcah40uxudqd6m203hvwxml4x2ynvq5arzxumah
150360 2000 38 simpleledger:qqf9rv5pjjkhnc6je2mzcf92w7kfqjecf50hc2l8tj
150360 2000 38 simpleledger:qr0mphv98glc54memnuvzfx5cm5008fum5zc6dg57e
150360 2000 38 simpleledger:qpzqzslw2sv386p38s04qfvahxjun5t6aqhzmqc38s
140900 2000 36 simpleledger:qpzeypnvlvuy8j6evz5a49xv4a5cj2d60uqc3vz8sy
140900 2000 36 simpleledger:qrlrze49qdhg9r65hgec7ed3lrv5gmkweun8k8jzvu
140899 2000 36 simpleledger:qz532m3var0xhxxfm6qa8fn2jhrqjyf5w5u93vgj9a
140802 973 36 simpleledger:qr969r5h33lgeggqpljep3edre4kaks7xscazgqc0d
106079 1186 27 simpleledger:qrqjv705zsz783fdf8xzhdzwm7e60axz6ck0hdmvj8
101742 21833 26 simpleledger:pzcu7cdqjq5dmcdlsshggpq60h9df7nf55st72jzu2
69139 981 18 simpleledger:qz7vpy245k7tqghkaa0vap2vjhv5llhwzypp3xa98y
10129 806 3 simpleledger:qznp0nekgmahkqwv54zvq433tmxertws5sznd3xcnf
7481 1612 2 simpleledger:qzurtgk8fa7udycgq08462hdsmu3may7q50ej4tz2q
7228 1677 2 simpleledger:qqlrzp23w08434twmvr4fxw672whkjy0pyxpgpyg0n
1843 1881 0 simpleledger:qrhsg98pccgd8ge7qrr4fwwjldjrke2sw56ng0nmsc
749 974 0 simpleledger:qrnq4gs3zuuzky9n4g3tgsddze4uj7mlpc35qhgked